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November 2018 - Ian Smyth is restoring a Philips Model 2510 (released in 1929) which needs an external speaker. This model originally had a free-standing Philips "Sevenett Model 2019" magnetic (moving iron) speaker which was a 7-sided circular bakelite and brass speaker.
If anyone has one to spare, or even just the external casing, please contact Ian on 0488-488-776 or by email at

September 2018 - Ian Smyth is looking for schematic diagrams for two particular model Scharnberg Strauss radios:

  • The 1951 console model (with 51-741 stamped into the metal chassis)
  • The 1947 console model (with Model 142 written on the chassis)

November 2016 - John Cox is still looking for an 80 ohm, 6x4 centre-tapped loudspeaker for an AWA B32 Transistor radio.

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